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Auto Share WordPress or Other
Blog Posts to Social Media

Watch your favorite blog posts being shared with your Fans and Followers automatically
using the RSS Feed Automation Tool!

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Burden-Free Way to Share Blogs to Your Social Media

Add the RSS Feed URL of a particular site and leave the rest on ViralDashboard. Our RSS Feed Automation Tool will automatically share the blogs of your favorite websites on your social media accounts. With ViralDashboard, you have the freedom to connect the RSS Feed from your own website or any other website of your choice.

No need to check each website to see if a new blog has been published or not. ViralDashboard’s RSS Feed Automation Tool will automatically take care of it for you.

Post Blogs From WordPress to Social Media

With automatic scheduling, you just need to add the URL of the RSS Feed, and ViralDashboard will publish all your RSS content to your social media accounts. You also have the option of switching to a manual setting, where your updated RSS Feed content can be scheduled at your convenience.

Additionally, you can also control the number of posts to be shared automatically. If you want to share one or two posts at a time, ViralDashboard’s RSS Feed Automation Tool lets you do just that.

Assign #hashtags to Your Posts

Social media marketing is incomplete without hashtags. But adding hashtags to each of your RSS content is troublesome and time-consuming. ViralDashboard does a bang-up job with hashtag marketing.

With ViralDashboard, you don’t need to add hashtags separately to each of your posts. All you have to do is add a few common hashtags when adding the RSS Feed URL. ViralDashboard will attach two of those hashtags with your post to maximize its reach.

This auto-hashtag feature will put your posts in front of the right audience.
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Stop Paying Extra for RSS Feed Automation Tool

Stop paying extra for tools like, Twitterfeed, or Twibble. ViralDashboard is one of the best alternatives to all these RSS Feed Automation Tools.

ViralDashboard brings together all features in one place, including easy scheduling, comprehensive analytics, and RSS auto-schedule. So why pay extra when you are getting it all under one roof? The RSS Feed Automation feature in ViralDashboard is as effortless as sipping coffee; you don’t need to waste time and money testing other tools.

Automate or customize URL shortening for feeds

Shortened URLs keep your posts clean and clutter-free. But sometimes, you might not need a shortened URL. ViralDashboard gives you the option to automate URL shortening or adjust it for individual RSS Feeds. You can easily customize this feature to enable or disable URL shortener for specific RSS Feeds with just a single click.

Schedule and Share Fresh New Content with RSS Feeds

Are your followers bored of consuming your own content? Refresh your social media feed with new content to spike the interest of your followers. Keep your audience engaged with yours and others’ content with the help of RSS Feeds. Simply add the URL to your favorite content sources to ViralDashboard’s RSS Feed Automation Tool to share fresh content.


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