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Basic Adjust

You can crop, rotate or resize images in a few clicks. Easy to use image filters allows you to to create beautiful effects for your photos.
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Photo Frames

ViralDashboard comes with ready to use photo frames that you can add to your images easily.

Add Text

Add texts to the canvas and customize them using rich set of text settings (Google fonts are supported).

Add Image

You can add as many image as you want to the canvas.

Add Shape

You can use the shapes on any part of your designs. Shapes are fully customizable. Use your imagination.

Element Library

Meet our fast growing element library. Elements are carefully selected svg files that can be used on any kind of design.

Add Icon

ViralDashboard comes with hundreds of ready to use modern icons which are suitable to use for any purpose.

QR Code

Generate SVG QR Codes with a few clicks. You can use QR Codes to share your website, email address, photo, product, location and more.

Free Drawing

You can paint anything you wish using free drawing brushes. The limit is your imagination.


You can lock/unlock, show/hide, clone or delete any layer with ease from the panel. You can also drag&drop layers to change their orders.

Canvas Rulers

You can align objects and fix spacing issues using canvas rulers and easy-to-create drag & drop guides.

Ready To Use SVG files

ViralDashboard comes with tons of ready-to-use SVG files; Elements, frames and icons. Svg files are carefully selected and can be used on any kind of design.

Light & Dark Themes

ViralDashboard Deziner comes with 2 themes. Users can switch between these light and dark themes.

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