Client Management

Client Collaboration & Management
Made Simple

Manage Your Social Media Clients & Collaborate seamlessly in real-time.
Also, enable clients to connect accounts through a secure, hassle-free branded experience.

No credit card required

Trusted & Secure Client Management

Give your clients complete peace of mind with ViralDashboard’s secure, hassle-free client account management which enables them to securely connect their social media accounts without the need to share credentials.

Create An Impact With Your Brand

Make the tool your own and create the right impression by onboarding clients with a customized invitation that showcases your own branding and logo for a seamless, branded experience.

Onboarding Social Media Clients Made Simple

Simplify your client onboarding process using your branded invitation links. One single link can be used to invite multiple clients. You can also automate the whole process by distributing the link via email or by embedding it on a website.

Empower Your Entire Social Media Team

ViralDashboard enables content creators to tap into curated content and to create new feeds so that you never run out of content.

Moreover, with a new update, team members can now also be granted selective access to Social Inbox and Analytics Reporting for a more hands-on approach to brand engagement.

Go the extra mile with complete white label

Perfect for agencies and small teams, ViralDashboard’s highly customizable WhiteLabel solution offers you the tools to make your brand a force to be reckoned with. The White Label solution takes care of everything from the user interface to the web and email address.

Collaboration Made Simple

Now collaborate with your client easily for processes like approvals and feedback on ViralDashboard itself instead of shifting between various communication mediums.

The new functionality helps clients/managers/team members add comments and notes to every post on the calendar ensuring better communication amongst the entire team. What’s more, agencies can also choose to keep the communication private i.e without the client.


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