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24/7 Monitoring & Tracking of ALL Yours And Your Clients' Social Media Activity
Deeper Analytics of Likes, Mentions, Re-Tweets, Shares and more...
Better Understanding of What Kind of Content Is Getting Engagement
Analyse All Your Social Media Campaigns & Take Corrective Actions
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Feature 1

24/7 Monitoring & Tracking Of ALL Yours
And Your Clients' Social Media Activity

Comprehensive reports and tons of analytical data to Track-Monitor-Analyze every piece of content you post on your social media accounts from right Inside Viral Dashboard. Now Track-Monitor-Analyze every piece of content you post on your social media accounts from right inside Viral Dashboard. Track how many people commented on your posts, mentioned something, asked something or liked...

Simply login to one single dashboard and get all the information you need to run and grow your content & social automation business professionally and efficiently.
Social Deck
This is a timeline for your social media channels!

Now easily monitor engagement of all your brands, products, services here.

Whatever is happening on your social media accounts, simply go to your deck to check the activity. No need to login into all different sites to monitor what’s happening on your accounts.

You will see 4 different tabs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
Get Insights On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram
Facebook - See all the engagement here... your Facebook posts, how many likes, comments, shares your posts/content received.

Twitter - See all your Twitter accounts connected, all your tweets, how many times your tweet got retweeted, the “love your tweets received, everything happening will be displayed.

Instagram - See all the engagement and data about all your Instagram posts.

LinkedIn - See all the engagement and data about your LinkedIn accounts.
Social Inbox
Engage your community efficiently with a unified inbox!

Reply to all your comments, messages and posts on multiple Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin - in real-time!

Filter conversations and focus on the ones that matter - so that you don’t miss replying to any customer! Streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness!
Stay on top of conversations on key topics, track the performance of your posts & brand mentions, and even monitor competitors. All from one dashboard!

Once you post something on any particular brand that you follow for your business or for your clients… ...get notified instantly, if you get featured somewhere in their comments - quickly get on to that post and engage further. Also - get tons of useful analytics about everything on your social media.
Boost Conversions
Convince your visitors with great user reviews and content.

User-generated content gives consumers confidence in their decision to buy something, and a majority find UGC far more interesting than content created by the brand.

Help potential customers to discover how other people use your products in a real-life context.
Keep Your Website Fresh & Updated
No need to publish a new blog post all the time to have your website look fresh.

A social media wall can add new content to your website every day.

You can choose to publish posts on a certain topic, mix brand content with user-generated content, showcase your latest features, etc.
Engage More Visitors & Convert Into Lifetime Customers
A social media feed encourages your website’s visitors to engage with your brand and easily share your content.

Seeing the embedded wall on your website, they’ll become aware of your hashtag and they’ll be able to join the conversation.

If you have an important announcement to make, you can just post it on social media and it will automatically appear on your website for everyone to see.
Feature 2

Deeper Analytics Of Likes, Mentions,
Re-Tweets, Shares And More...

With this premium upgrade, business owners easily get deeper analytics of their likes, mentioned, re-tweets, shares & more so as to have a close eye on their performance & take the necessary corrective actions.
Feature 3

Better Understanding of What Kind of Content
Is Getting Engagement

Now, with the help of precise analytics & detailed reports, it becomes easy for business owners to have a clear understanding of what type of content is getting higher engagement & how it can be scaled further.
Feature 4

Analyse All Your Social Media Campaigns
& Take Corrective Actions

Gone are the days when you had to worry for working round the clock to analyze social media campaigns. Use the exclusive features inside this upgrade to analyze all your social media campaigns at one place & take corrective actions when needed.
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Bonus #1
Youtube SEO V2
Value: $197
Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right. With this step by step course you will learn the most updated SEO strategies that you must do before you make your YouTube videos live!
Bonus #2
Udemy Recurring Income
Value: $997
Everything you need to be successful with Udemy is right here! Follow the strategies here and get ready to explode your traffic and sales with Udemy!
Bonus #3
Lead Book Generator
Value: $497
Lead Book Generator is an Fully Automated Adobe Air Software that automates Pinterest tasks in 1 click like.. mutiple image pining, setting delays and automating the pins on different niche boards to drive niche targeted traffic to your products and much more!
Bonus #4
FB Trending Post Finder
Value: $447
Find trending and most engaging content from your favorite Facebook pages and download Facebook videos to your computer or use video downloable URLs! You can also export unlimited FB posts to CSV file!
Bonus #5
FB Ads Tracking
Value: $297
Facebook Ads are very profitable but you can lose a lot of money if you don’t setup your pixels correctly! In this video training course, we'll show you how to setup the Facebook Pixel and implement the tracking within your funnel the right way so you can get massive results with FB ads!
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24/7 Monitoring & Tracking of ALL Yours And Your Clients' Social Media Activity
Deeper Analytics of Likes, Mentions, Re-Tweets, Shares and more...
Better Understanding of What Kind of Content Is Getting Engagement
Detailed Insights Into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn Accounts
Easily Track & Monitor Engagement Of Your Campaigns
Social Deck Feature
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Premium Bonus 1 - Youtube SEO V2
Premium Bonus 2 - Udemy Recurring Income
Premium Bonus 3 - Lead Book Generator
Premium Bonus 4 - FB Trending Post Finder
Premium Bonus 5 - FB Ads Tracking
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