Automate Your Posting On
Your Telegram Groups & Channels

Use ViralDashboard to grow your presence on Telegram

Reduce Your Workload and Save Time


Connect & Automate Telegram Channel

Connect your Telegram Channel and start scheduling your daily posts ahead of time. You can also auto post in multiple Telegram Channel at once so you can save lots of time and energy

Connect & Automate Telegram Group

ViralDashboard lets you connect as many Telegram Group  as you want, so you can schedule posts to be
published automatically, get free traffic and have more
time for what matters most


Schedule Posts In Advance

Auto schedule hundreds of posts in advance and automate whole week’s month’s worth of posts so you can get more clicks & traffic to your products & services

Create Amazing Posts

The interface of the Composer tool inside ViralDashboard
allows you to create full-fledged Telegram posts with texts,
images, videos, and hashtags.


Improve Performance with Advanced Analytics

With ViralDashboard detailed analytics, you’ll see exactly what works on Telegram and why. You’ll be able to track the progress of your posts and the impact they have.

Save Tons of Time

No need to log in to multiple Telegram accounts to create, post, schedule, and publish content for yourself and each of your clients or profiles you are responsible for.

Make Fewer Mistakes

Telegram interface is not friendly for content creators. It’s easy to make mistakes and then correcting them is a tedious work. Viral Dashboard has many check processes built-in, which helps you minimize human error

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